About Us

Bix Solutions was founded in 2016 by consultants with at least 20 years of experience in business solutions with a strong background in technology. In summary, we are experts in Business Insights, Data Management, and Enterprise Architecture solutions, applied in Bank, Retail, B2B, Manufacturing, and many others industries.

We focus on the same vision: understanding the business requirements to achieve the benefits of an IT solution. This is achieved  by a team of experts in information technology with many years of experience.  Thus, we provide a vast range of services oriented to help organizations to take advantage of their business assets. In this increasingly interconnected world, we work to improve their management, availability, processing, automation, integration, and optimization of operations and decision making processes. 



Team Working

Several Profiles Working As a Unit

Business Knowledge

We Have A Strong Business View

Goal Oriented

We Keep Results In Mind


We Love Learn New Things



Our Principles
About People

We believe that the spirit of people are in the things they create. Organizations exist thanks to people, the products we make are for people who buy them ... and changes only come from people.

Thinking about "people first" paves the way for better welfare, assessing the power of creation, understanding the motivations and interests.

Thinking about "people first" helps us to put in place the technology and use it to our benefit, sustainably, respecting our environment.

About Compromise

This is a way to reclaim the agreements conducted our ancestors, where the promise became facts.

Today, the compromise is a scarse asset that we care, and therefore we think and act with integrity.

We want to accompany those organizations that believe in an ethical compromise as an asset that could improve our society.

About Innovation

We see innovation as an ongoing process, as part of our intrinsic concerns.

In this process, it's triggered our search of: to achieve improvements, freshening up of new knowledge, and seek new applications.

It's a permanent enrich and enable our customers to stay in touch with new investment possibilities.

About Solutions

It's true that in the market there are products that we like more than others, there are brands that atract us more than others...

But we should keep an objective view, being professionals focused on achieving the goals without being influenced by market noise.

This essential vision is achieved being completely agnostic at the time to focus on problems: not thinking about brands, no thinking about products, no thinking about magic solutions. Only business maters.

...our daily work is based upon the compromise to meet the goals with the best effort....

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